Diversify Your Marketing Strategy in Writing

This week, I logged onto my Facebook groups and found that I had been banned from commenting and posting to all groups. On first inspection, it looked to be the fault of one of two posts. After some investigation the truth was even more shocking.

I run a group called Every Child Matters and I was banned for the material I had shared there. The posts that Facebook took offence to post about internet child safety and how much I love my autistic side-kick. The reason, I have no idea and you can’t contact a human to ask. Facebook does not give you that information. Maybe an automated server banned me because of something innocent. It is also likely that Facebook is banning posts that protect children. It has already made a hit on the hashtag ‘safe the children.

I was devastated at the beginning, as Facebook is where I advertise my coaching business and all my articles. This ban will affect my income there is no doubt about that. Which led me to think that I had broken one of my golden rules. The rule I tell my students all the time, you have to diversify your income streams. If you place all your eggs in one basket you will suffer if one of those platforms shuts or refuses you access to them. I was a fool to rely on Facebook to build my businesses up.

How as writers can you diversify.

With regards to my writing I am good at this I write across several platforms. With regards to my social media marketing, I have been foolish. You need to pick a couple of social media outlets to grow a following on. Once you have learnt everything there is to learn about these, then you can move onto the next ones. As writers, many of us write over many topics. Can we use each of these for a different niche that we write for?

That is what I am going to try over the next couple of months. To have clear social media platforms that I use for specific writing and marketing. With this strategy, you will become known for certain types of writing across different platforms. You will attract followers that are only interested in that subject which will help build a following. Once you have established this following, you can target certain products to sell to certain platforms.

A word of warning I do not believe that a profile should be about selling. Eighty per cent should be about interacting and building a following, twenty about selling products.

What does this look like?

For me this is going to look like the following, you are welcome to adopt a similar strategy or adapt it for your own needs. After all, we will all write in different niches.

My marketing strategy will be over some platforms, some for those that follow all my writing, my gold followers as I call them. Some for the niche followers, who are as valuable as anyone.


For many months I have heard many respectable writers saying that LinkedIn is the next big platform for writers. There are several who will criticise it as well and say it is an unfriendly place. I have no opinion, either way, for me I haven’t been on there enough to work with it and establish its power. On LinkedIn I want to grow a community of writers who support each other, I have set up a group to facilitate this. I also want to use this platform to funnel people to my coaching business. For this reason, I will share writing articles, tips and tricks.


I have a great affection for Twitter. It is a loyal friend who has never let me down. On here I have two account my writing account where I share links to all my work regardless of topic. I also love the community there and have some great friends who I interact with daily. My second account on Twitter is more for my family and friends and shares my journey with my side-kick, one amazing child with Autism. I also share my Every Child Matters posts there, which are dedicated articles related to SEND needs and child development.


This also relates to my Every Child Matters profile and involves photos or my amazing children and articles for parents and teachers.

Patreon and Email Lists

Patreon is dedicated to fans supporting your work, so it is only right that here is where I share links to all my work, regardless of platform. Everything I write will be shared as a link to my fans. If you would like to support my writing for £1 a month, I would be more grateful than I could say.

Email lists are also a valuable place to advertise all your writing. If you haven’t started one you need to, today. I would shy away from sending a single post every time you publish. If you are like me and publish daily this could seem very spammy. Instead, I prefer to send one weekly email with a summary of all. Find a rhythm you are happy with a stick to it. This could be as little as once a month when you start.

In addition to this, I have my weekly magazine that I send out as an email, Every Child Matters.

Medium and My Website

Neither of these I plan on making changes to. My website will always be for writing tips for all the amazing people who follow me here. Medium will always be for the rest of my writing. It will also provide a place to funnel people to my email list if they like my writing.

Goodbye Facebook

With this plan, I have diversified across many platforms. The loss of one will not be a huge impact on my writing income. You will notice I have not mentioned Facebook in this list and that is because it can not be relied on. Any platform that has automation at the heart of its censorship, without any way to appeal, should never be relied on. I will not leave Facebook I still have groups dedicated to supporting writers and children on there. I also have my page for posting links to my work. It is no longer going to be my sole platform. It is going to be a small piece of a larger marketing strategy.

Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

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