Five Alternatives to Medium

Medium is a platform that allows you to write articles and earn money as people read. It is the industry forerunner in this type of payment for writers. It is however not the only platform that allows you to make money from your creativity.

There are several ways to make money from writing. You can have your own website and run adverts and sponsored posts. You can write content for other people and earn per word. You could even advertise your services on sites such as Upwork and Fiverr. You could even go for the obvious route and write a book, selling it traditionally or self-publish.

I want to concentrate on platforms though that allow you to earn money off their sites. Systems that are similar to Medium, but offer alternatives.


Hubpages is a platform where users generate content. The revenue from these posts is then shared amongst writers. The writer puts articles on the platform. Ads are generated in these articles and a proportion is given to the writer.

Years ago, writers made a good income from this site. Recently it’s lack of status has meant that Medium ranks higher and income is harder to earn on there.

As a writer, I have tried Hubpages for a short time. The interface was hard to work with and I didn’t like the visual aspect of my articles. It is hard to say whether I would have made money, but I doubt it.


Is the new kid on the block. Although it has a long way to go it has the potential to be massive. With this platform, you can share videos, articles and images. Readers buy you a coffee if they like your work. In my first month, I made over $30 not bad when you consider a coffee was only $3.

There are two levels of membership, basic which is free and gold which is $6 a month. Gold membership offers you a few extra functionalities. This includes ,subscriber-only content, an excellent way to reward those that have contributed.

The gold membership for me did not offer enough extras so I stayed with the basic. On there I can now set up a shop, which allows me to sell products to my readers.

The only criticism I have, is the blogging interface is basic at the moment. I believe new features will be added as its popularity increases.

Vocal Media

Vocal media is another platform similar to Medium. Here you write articles and submit them to one of vocals magazines. The magazines are in a range of topics, you should always find one to fit your writing.

Once you have posted your article it is published within 24 hours and you can start earning money. You once again earn per read. However, with vocal, you can only withdraw the money when it reaches a certain level. This is lower if you are a $9.99 member.

The interface is easy to use and the articles looked good. For me, it didn’t make any money. I spent a year putting a range of article on there, only to earn a couple of cents. The readers are quite not there. The site SEO ranking, means articles rarely appear on Google searches.


This is my favourite platform. It is a place where real followers and dare I say fans can support your work. Patreon is a subscription-based service where you set the rates. Followers subscribe to your service monthly. For this, you can give them unique content or other services.

The beauty of this platform is you can have many different rates for subscribers and each level gets different rewards. My lowest tier at £1 which offers links to all my work. My top tier offers coaching and editing. You can set your rates and rewards at whatever you want.

It is a real community of people who support your work. There is also a little known feature, where people can follow you without paying. Here you can post free content to encourage people to join you.


On the surface, this seems to be nothing more than an email server. However, substack is so much more. This platform allows you to publish newsletters. Some of these can be subscriber-only content.

Once again you set the price and the content. As well as sending emails to your subscribers, content is kept on a website like a back catalogue. Subscribers get your new content and your back catalogue.

With Substack, grow a following of at least 300 before you try to offer paid subscriptions.

The main thing that you should consider with any platform you write on, is to offer value. A subject I cover this week exclusively to £2 and above subscribers on Patreon.

These are five examples where you can make extra money. You do not need to write new content for each site. Instead, you look at repurposing old content from other sites, such as Medium or your website.

You also need to do a certain amount of social media marketing. Let readers know you have these outlets for your writing. Most people will not discover you without marketing your work. Whichever platform you choose I suggest you have more than one place to make money. As the saying goes, no one should put all their eggs in one basket.

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