Successful 2020 Posts

We are all approaching the end of the year. A fun activity for me is to always look at my best-performing articles of the year. You can be surprised as a writer how much this teaches you about your writing.

SEO Matters

If you are writing on your blog, you need to ensure people find your articles. The way to do this is to optimise your SEO. This will allow your posts to be discovered on search engines and drive viewers to your website. Financially, you can then make money from this post through email signups and affiliated links.

My Top 3 Performing Articles From Search Engines

10.5K reads – 98% external views –  9.1K from Google (all on one day.)

Dean Koontz Predicts Coronavirus Fact or Fiction – 7.8K reads – 97% external reads – 3.5K from Google, 2.4K from email

The Facts the Government Don’t Want you to Know about Coronavirus – 6.2K reads – 96% external views – 2.5K from duckduckgo, 1.4K reads from Bing

You will also see that two of these posts were especially topical at the time. The third post, a true-crime piece, received all the views on one day. Whether something in the news prompted these views I have been unable to find out, but it seems likely.

Most Successful Posts On Sam H Arnold

WordPress Versus Medium

5 Tips to Help You Write During Isolation

How to Reduce the Limit Writing for Medium Has on You

If you are aiming for reads, then use SEO to your advantage and look at affiliated links and other ways to make money from them.

I hope you have had similar success this year. Something I don’t often do is to ask for links on my comments. For this post, drop a link to your most successful article this year below so others can find it.

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