The Trick That Helps Facebook Followers See Your Content

This simple hack will help increase your reach on Facebook.

As with most things on social media, the amount of views on your Facebook page relies on an algorithm. First, have a look at your posts, what is the reach on them? My average reach is twenty-five yet I have over four hundred followers. Why is this? As Facebook has developed the ability to pay for ads and boost your posts, so the natural reach of your posts has declined.

There is however a workaround, which would enable all your followers to see your content. It involves asking your followers to change their settings for your page. You can inform your readers about this by posting this type of post to the top of your page. That is exactly what I am going to do.

The process for Facebook Pages

Your followers can follow these three simple steps to ensure they always see your posts.

Ask followers to log-on to your Facebook page and press the three dots to the side, select follow settings.

Once in the follow settings ask them to add your pages as one of their favourites.

This simple step is enough, although you might ask them to go further. If they then scroll to the bottom of this section they will see options for certain types of content.

They can click on all these individually and stipulate how often they want to see this content. Ask them to select standard.

With this small change, your followers will see your posts as a matter of priority. This could allow them to see your content first and be the first people who learn about competitions. Your reach for each post will increase, without having to put money into the bank account of Facebook.

You could even offer an incentive for those that follow the process above. For example, you can run competitions where the first five responses receive a prize. Run these regularly and you will encourage others to opt-in for your updates.

Ask your followers to adjust their settings and see your engagement grow on Facebook.

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