Showcase Sunday – Healer by Jack Mulcahy

I first glimpsed the girl as a small bundle wrapped in the sergeant’s cloak. “What do you have for me?” I asked. It was my turn to take the fourth watch, midnight to dawn; a quiet night, until now. Moonlight spilled through the doorway as the sergeant carried the bundle into the Infirmary and gently set the girl on the wooden examining table. “We’d crossed into Rahesh on a raid, Honored Healer,” the sergeant said. She’d pushed her helmet up on top of her head and unlaced her cuirass; the iron strips clinked. A runnel of sweat bisected the soot on her forehead. “We heard her crying. The bastards had tied her to an altar, and...” She looked away. 

Can A Back Catalogue Still Make Money

For the year I have been writing on Medium I have posted five times a week most weeks. Like any writer, I have set myself a gruelling schedule. This weekend I posted on Twitter that everything I had written recently was rubbish. Not one half-finished draft thrust itself forward as a post. The advice I received was heartfelt. Whether it was advice on how to go forward or posts to say writers had been there. Each comment was a little hidden gem. The growth I feel is the result of posting to there first and then pulling my writing tips posts through to Medium. Yes, I am giving the advice away for free. I have advocated for this in several of my articles recently. You can make money other ways from your website.

Showcase Sunday – What To Do When Your Brilliant Idea Falls Flat by Froyle Davies

The creativity train left the station, and you weren’t on it. It just happens sometimes. At the moment, I am working on a collection of small paintings for my studio sale in November. Things have been progressing along great, each painting is unique and beautiful. I have eleven almost finished small artworks. But today, I have … Continue reading Showcase Sunday – What To Do When Your Brilliant Idea Falls Flat by Froyle Davies

3 Easy Ways of Advertising Your Articles

Promotion and social media marketing is as big a part of being a writer as producing the articles. Over the years I have tried several different methods, some have worked, others not.  On Medium, older posts appear to make more money when read, than those published that month. Every month when I study my income and statistics, older posts account for on average 50% of my earnings. This is no coincidence, as I promote my old articles as much as I promote my new articles. With these three simple tips, you can make your posts evergreen. Earning from them long after they have been published.

Showcase Sunday: Tommy Ueland – How to Self Edit: My 4 Go-To Techniques

I have a love/hate relationship with self-editing. When I am nearing the end of a writing session (I never edit while I write) I can’t wait to edit. I am excited to take that mold of text-clay and shape it into something I can be proud of. When I am through the third revision, hate is the prevailing emotion. To make editing bearable, interesting, and effective, I have these four techniques I use every time. Techniques that can apply to all forms of writing. 1. Let it Ferment Before Editing 

How to Use Your Website to its Full Potential

Many writers ask me whether they should have a website, as well as writing on other platforms. My answer is always the same, yes it is essential. Websites are notorious as needing a lot of time and work before you monetise them. Not everything we do as writers should bring in instant income. Sometimes you have to play the long game. Put the foundations down now, for work further on. When I started my website, I could have used google ad's to make a small amount of money. I didn't, the followers I had would have made me 1p a month, what was the point. Now I have a substantial following, I have still not monetised my website. I want my readers to have a pleasant experience when they visit. I don't want the bombarded with adverts. This is not to say you can't make money from your website, because you can. Putting the finances aside though, a website is essential to have as a portfolio of your work. A place where prospective employers can come and see your work. A place to show a sample of your writing. Once you have established your website you can then use it to advertise your services.