To Be a Successful Writer Give More Than you Take

There appears to be a new breed of writer who takes from others without giving anything back. 

When I started the people who were new to writing like me, became my biggest supporters. They helped me by answering questions and giving advice. They advised for free and they became friends as well as colleagues. When these mentors brought a book out I was the first to buy it. I advertised their work and tried to give as much back to them as they had given to me. 

That type of appreciation and loyalty has all but disappeared. Don’t get me wrong I have some amazing supporters who reply to my emails and donate to my Patreon. My negativity is directed toward those writers that take and have no intention of giving anything back. 

Let me give you a couple of recent examples. 

On Facebook, I run a large group of approximately a thousand members. With this group, I schedule daily feeds to share article links in. I ask questions, find new members and keep the group running. 

In addition to this, I ensure everyone follows the rules such as not posting multiple links on one thread. Not easy when most people seem incapable of reading and following the rules. The group takes me about two hours a week to maintain. The writers on the group get their work advertised and access to a vast network of other writers. They make money through my group. 

On several occasions, I have asked these writers to donate to my Patreon, only £2 a month, not a fortune. Only nine people out of 1000 do. Nine people that’s it. The rest take and don’t contribute. Before you think this is a shakedown for money, it isn’t. But, it makes me think if they don’t think it is worth a £2 investment, then are they not supporting others. Are they reading the work of others? Are they joining newsletters to keep in touch? Probably not. 

In contrast to this, I belonged to a group where the owner put a status up saying pay up or I close the group. He earned over £400. How is that right a polite ask gets you nothing and threatening people makes money? 

This week I was reading a post complaining about editors of publications, that don’t give feedback to writers when they reject a piece. I am so tired of reading complaints from writers about editors of publications. 

As an editor on Medium here is a newsflash we get paid nothing. On Crimebeat we get more than 10 submissions a day. Doesn’t sound a lot, but all this work is done for nothing, not a cent. If the article is a success the writer gets all the money, the editor is doing it out of the kindness of their heart. On top of this, I have to write my own articles, have a full-time job and look after a family. 

When I come to rejecting an article I refuse to give feedback for articles that do not follow the submission guidelines. Why should I spend time communicating with writers who have not even bothered to follow the submission guidelines? I wrote an article about why submission guidelines are pointless to most writers.

It is lazy and unprofessional. 80% of our rejected articles are for this reason. If there is another reason, for example, the content has been covered before, I try to leave a message. 

Here is the thing for one of my publications I asked for writers to donate £1 a month towards my editing time. No one donated not even £1 although they were earning a lot more from my editing work. I closed the publication. £1 is a lot less than you would pay a professional editor. 

Writers need to look at themselves as much as throwing complaints at others. You are benefiting from work that is being done for nothing. Nobody would mind helping others out, but would it hurt you to give a couple of pounds, not even the price of a coffee to help them out. 

Times are tough I understand that better than most, with two children under four that seem to grow hourly and need bigger clothes. If you can say honestly you couldn’t afford £2 a month then not one writer or editor would stop working with you. That is not the case for everyone. Anyone who has made money from their writing should consider supporting others, I do. 

Even if you can’t help financially, join their email list market their book for them or simply drop them a thank you. Don’t sit back making money off someone else’s hard work and give nothing back. You are far more likely to be remembered and be successful if you support others. 

Be nice to those you meet on the way up because you will meet them on the way down

Wilson Mizner

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Know the Myths Contained in all Deceitful Writing Articles

The amount of writing advice available on the internet is extensive. Not all it is honest though. Three myths are circulated again and again that makes me angry.

As a mentor to other writers, these articles frustrate me. They give false information. They don’t lie, but they also don’t tell the whole story. The irony isn’t wasted that I have written a writing article, to complain about writing articles.

Throughout my time as a mentor though, I try to give honest advice. I don’t discuss money, because you shouldn’t concentrate on that. Sure we all need to pay for our time, but if you don’t love writing then other jobs pay better.

If you want the only advice I give all writers, keep working hard; enjoy what you are doing, the rest will follow. After that killer advice, I am now going to show you how to dispel three myths that other writers tell you.

I made £1000 in my first month.

As with all these myths, it requires a small amount of detective work. The first red flag should be that no screenshots are showing their income.

First look at how many claps, or likes they have on their posts. If it’s below an average of 400 then the maths doesn’t work. Also, look at how many followers they have if it is below 1000 I would also say this is a red flag.

If you factor in all these points – the person has low likes; low followers and few affiliated links I would suggest their claims about money are false. Why writers do this I can’t tell you. I would suggest few people would read an article titled – how I made 99p in my first month.

How I made £2000 a month from Side Hustles

Not all these posts are false, but some are misleading. Let me show you what I mean with an article I recently read. A writer had set up 7 separate gigs on Fiverr. Let us say each gig took a half-hour. To do it properly it would take at least an hour with research etc, I’m underestimating. The writer then completed 19 jobs. Let us estimate that each article took 90 minutes. When we add all the hours up spent, it is 32 hours. For this the writer earner $257 which’s $8 an hour. For my English readers that works out at £5.90, well below minimum wage.

The next suggestion was to use affiliated links. Here is what he said:

I did not make any sale in the start but after two months of doing consistent work, I have started making sales.

The amount that was mentioned $131, for two months of work. I don’t even want to start working out the hourly rate for this. When you read these posts, ensure you do a quick bit of maths and work out what the actual hourly rate was.

How I have grown my publication to 80 000 followers in two months.

This myth is mainly for people writing on Medium. I am going to let you into a trick, many writers don’t know. When you add writers to your publication they become followers. Check out the publications you write for, do you follow them, did you select to follow them?

This is why some publication owners will add you without asking, to increase their followers.

If a publication is making these claims first have a look at how many writers they have. If they are claiming 80 000 followers and have 79 000 writers their genuine follow count is 1000, not so impressive.

The best way to grow a publication following is through a set niche and quality writing. It might take a little longer, but it works. I am proud of Crimebeat because we have grown it organically, through quality writing. We don’t publish everything, we keep the standard high. Here is the follower count and it is rising, we have under 100 writers.

The last red flag for all these articles should be that your question is ignored. For each of these types of post, I have asked a question about their claims. Every one of these questions has been ignored by the writers, they don’t bother answering, because they know they have been found out. It isn’t going to stop me from asking though.

As someone who has written for many years, I feel an obligation to be realistic to new writers. Writing is hard, but with passion, hard work and a tiny sprinkle of luck then you can start making brilliant money after your first year. Don’t waste your time reading these exaggerated claims, spend the time writing quality articles, you will thank me after a year. Have fun, you are allowed to experiment, you are allowed a life, it will help give you article ideas. Be positive and move forward with something you enjoy.

If you want more practical advice like this to grow you writing on for any platform or genre, then come and join my mentoring program for £25 a month.

Vocal Media a Great Platform to Earn Money as a Writer.

Vocal Media is an alternative platform to Medium. The main difference being, you get paid on reads, regardless of whether readers are members or not. Sounds too good to be true, right.

There is one downside, their search authority isn’t as high as Medium. You need to advertise your articles across your social media to guarantee reads. Nothing you don’t do already.

The Positives Outweigh the Negatives.

The positives of this platform, greatly outweigh the negative. For a start, if you write high optimised SEO articles and get the views you can make money quickly.

The second is that Vocal reward you for content. Last month they gifted me $5 for adding my fifth article to their site. They also offer other monetary rewards throughout your time with them.

Readers can also tip you if they like your article. You can add a simple call to action at the bottom reminding readers of this.

The last hidden gem on Vocal Media is primarily the reason I joined them. Each month there are many challenges they set. If you submit an article to this challenge and win you can with upwards from $1000 to $20000. You also earn money on the articles in the same way, through tips and reads.

Repurpose Your Content

Vocal Media’s rules, do not restrict you from using content you have published elsewhere. It is a simple process of copy and pasting an older article to start earning money. What could be better than giving those dead articles on Medium a second chance?

Vocal Media Plus

There are two levels of subscription for Vocal Media. The first is completely free, the other is called their plus service. With this option to get access to more challenges and other advantages such as a lower threshold for removing your income from your wallet.

If you are interested in expanding your reach this is the platform. As an extra incentive, I have been gifted a code to get you 50% of the fees for a year. Quote code BMS33 on checkout. The offer is valid for the next ten days.

I would urge any writer to look at this platform I have long considered it to be a rival to Medium and believe it will grow in strength over the next year.