Can A Back Catalogue Make You Money — The Results are In

If you read my post on whether a back catalogue could sustain your income, you may be wondering how this went. Well if you are interested I will not keep you waiting. The question I asked was by advertising older posts, would I sustain my income? The quick answer no I didn’t make the same money. The surprising answer, I made more than normal. Not more than normal, but I had my best month on Medium since starting writing here two years ago. I earned almost 30% more than a standard month. No one is more shocked than me. So let’s break this down and examine the other advantages this had.

Resources for All Writers Including Guest Blogging Opportunities

Throughout lockdown, as a writer, I have been developing many projects. As writers, do you look for resources that can help you develop? Even professional writers spend time improving their craft regularly. Whether we are confined inside with a global pandemic or working full-time, it is essential to look at your work and diversify. I also believe that writers should have more than one income stream. I can show you how to do this through my coaching program. This and many more resources over 50% FREE are detailed here.

As Writers and Bloggers How Can Studying Top Writers Improve Our Writing.

Top writers are where you want to be. They gain this title because they put in consistent effort in their chosen niche. They have worked hard and found a formula that works. Through their posts, you can analyse their work and learn a great deal about writing. It is important to recognise that when I speak about studying what they do, I do not mean copying their work. I had a writer plagiarise my work six months ago and it was the worse experience. Rather than looking at their content, I mean study their style. Whether you are a writer of blogs, articles, or books the advice is the same. It is an advantage to pick up a leading writer’s work, in your genre and study it.

Showcase Sunday – How to Honor The Muscle, No matter How Small You see it Right Now by Selma Martin

I grew up in a culture where people recited an unwritten mantra that sounded something like this, “I will be happy when I can… if I can…”  This mentality, as you can already tell, comes with undercurrents of scarcity. You can see that, right? The future.Oh, the anticipation of that day!  Oh, the happiness you’ll experience then!  This is what emotion researchers call the hedonic treadmill. It’s something they say we do; working very hard to reach a goal that will result in happiness. Later.