How to Capture Ideas for Writing.

For the last six months, I have tried to write at least five times a week. There was a point when I tried to publish twice a day. Ironically this was the advice of someone who later stole my work. Not a reliable source of advice at all. From that moment on I carried on my mission of publishing five times a week. For the majority, this has worked well for me, until last week. Last week I looked at my ideas folder and realised I was running out of ideas.

10 Keyboard Tricks to Increase Productivity on Your iPhone.

As is usual in my life I have taken on too much. I tend to say yes to everything and then realise I can’t do it all. The other thing I am awful at is starting loads of projects and then being able to give none of them my time. Within the last month, I have been given the opportunity to start my own tutoring company. So now I have a writing career, a new business and a new family. It is more essential than ever that I prioritise my work and complete writing in the moments I have. As I have mentioned before, I write a large number of my posts on my iPhone. To make this easier I looked into shortcuts to make phone typing even quicker.

Three Simple Pieces of Writing Advice That You May Have Missed

There are many things over the two years of writing that I have learnt. The major things such as constructing a post and writing a good headline I have covered before. There are however many smaller as important facts. You Don’t Need Expensive Applications Over the months I have bought a frightening amount of application which have cost a great deal of money. Over the months I have learnt that they are not necessary. Whenever I buy an application I go back to a free version which is as effective. I have paid for many writing applications on my phone. However, the one I use now is the iPhone notes function. Simple and free. You don’t need to spend money to be a writer.

How to Analyse Your Read Time to Improve Your Writing.

As writers, we must use all the tools available to use to improve our writing. A couple of days ago I was reading an article and I came across a quote from Michael Jackson. It put me off the post so much, I couldn’t read on. This lead me to start thinking, what if other people had the same opinion as me. Did we all stop reading at the same point? If this is the case the writer could look at the read time for the post. The time in the post where the reader stopped reading would show them, when people were put off by one quote. Analysing our Average Read Time.