Behaviour Management in the Class

One Day Course

This is course is divided into 4 modules all completed in one day.

Module 1: What Causes Behaviour

  • An in-depth look at the external factors that can cause students to exhibit behaviour.
  • A look at the psychology behind why behaviour occurs.
  • A study of behaviour management psychology that helps out students.
  • How our perception of students can cause changes in behaviour.

Module 2: Learning Problems

  • An in-depth look at some learning problems such as dyslexia, ODD, ADHD and Autism.
  • Signs and Symptoms of these learning problems.
  • Tips and Tricks that could help staff work with these individuals.
  • Resources that could aid students with learning problems in the classroom.

Module 3: Classroom Management of Behaviour

  • A toolkit to help teachers deal with behaviour that challenges in the class.
  • How to reward good behaviour more than bad.
  • Token economies and reward systems that work.
  • Techniques for unlocking all students full potential.

Module 4: Dealing with Your Student Group

  • Case studies and the value of these for monitoring behaviour.
  • Monitoring sheets that can be used with behaviour.
  • A look at the school’s students in order to build behaviour plans to combat students of concern.

Price: £500 for up to 20 participants. (Larger groups please contact for further discount)