The Many Theories & Conspiracies Related to Jack the Ripper

Much has been studied on the most popular cold case ever, Jack the Ripper. There are limited facts on the case and many of the original documents are missing. They have mysteriously been lost, stolen or destroyed. There is, however, surprisingly a large amount of information known, on a murder that was committed over 100 years ago.  

With this book, the author looks at some of the stranger conspiracies surrounding the legend and reveals who she thinks Jack the Ripper was. From Royal conspiracies to females who have been scorned, this is a must-read for all true crime fans.

The Detective Two

Stolen rings, a mysterious abandoned house, food and clothes that vanish. For the crime-fighting duo, The Detective Two, this is a mystery too good to turn down. Best friends Mady and Oliver, a scruffy looking dog, follow the clues to the surprising conclusion. When Mady and her best friend Oliver are disturbed by a knocking on the door they are led into their most difficult case yet. First, a ring is stolen, then clothes and food. Only The Detective Two can solve the case and bring the thief to justice. Will Oliver be able to keep his friend safe and help her solve the mystery? Will they ever find out about the shadows in the abandoned house and who is the stranger that has been spotted hanging around?Ideal for Key Stage 1 children

How to Blog Like a Professional

It covers the process of starting your blog, writing the perfect post and marketing that post. The book is packed full of practical tips and hints, from someone who has been through every stage.

Whether you are an established blogger or starting out, there is something for you in this book.