The Betrayal – Short Story

Jean opened the door to her brand new space. She took a deep breath, the citrus smell was pleasant. This small space, was the first time for a long time, that she had an area to herself. Of course, it was tiny compared to the home she shared with Dan, but this was her space. The first thing she moved into the bedroom was her laundry basket. She stood it in the corner of the room. It used to drive Jean mad that even with a laundry basket so close Dan still never put his socks in it. Every night the same routine, come home from work, strip off his suit and socks. He would always hang his suit up, but the socks were thrown. Round the bin, near the bin, but never in the bin. Jean smiled at the memory it was funny how when all the hurt faded it was still the little things you remembered.

The Diary of Elsie Smith – Short Story

I have never won anything. When my employer ran a raffle to give away a cruise, imagine my surprise when my raffle ticket won. That tiny piece of paper has changed my life completely. One day waiting tables, now in this beautiful room, on this amazing ship. My friends are all jealous, their employers give them nothing. Mr Bailey could have sold the ticket but, he is always trying to improve the lives of his employees. Mr Bailey and I have always got on well. He liked the fact I was a reader, the same as him. Our mutual love of Charles Dickens had seen us chatting on many occasions. 

Isabelle – Short Story

I’m gonna tell you my story. Not that you’re going to believe me, no one believes me. Not the judge that convicted me, not my family, not the public who hounded me. I don’t expect you to believe me, but, this is my story. Shay was three years old when the night terrors started. I don’t know what prompted them or why they started. Two or three times every night I was woken to the sounds of my little girl screaming. Michael, my husband, did everything he could to help, but he worked with machinery all day. He needed to sleep, otherwise, I would worry about him. Over the months it was me that dealt with 90% of the night shifts. Shay would then stay up most of the day as well. She was too frightened to go to sleep. Where she found her energy from, I don’t know. I was running on empty after six months.

The Last Will & Testament of Marcus Thomas – Short Story

The four siblings crowded into the small office of their father’s attorney. None of them looked at each other, each despised the other one. They had collected to see which of the four of them would inherit from their dead millionaire father. Jacob Knotts, their father’s oldest friend and attorney shuffled into the office. Seeing … Continue reading The Last Will & Testament of Marcus Thomas – Short Story