Why Do My Friends Treat Me Like Crap

My friends constantly let me down and the generosity of people I haven’t met overwhelm. Recently I spoke about leaving my full-time job because of health reasons. I have heard it said many times that you don’t know who your friends are until you need them. This, however, isn’t the first time when I have had to reevaluate my friendships groups. Why I have become a perpetual bad judge of character I will never know. Basically speaking I always try to see the good in people.

Chronic Fatigue Stole My Job and Handed Me a Writing Career

Now I have the opportunity to truly concentrate on my passion. I have been suffering. Suffering in almost silence. I say almost because I’m sure the people I live with have picked up the moans and groans. Being a new mother, I put the tiredness down to having a two-year-old. All parents are tired, I know that’s the truth. The problem was the tiredness never went away. I was going to bed at eight and getting up ten hours later and I was still tired. Not a little sleepy, but bone tired. Where the very essence of you aches.

How to Deal with a Loss of Writing Passion

Where Has My Writing Passion Gone?   I’m tired, not the I need an early night tired, but that bone tired. I ache all over and I have no energy left. My writing this week has suffered. I managed to publish two pieces last week. A new low for me. There was no joy in writing and no enthusiasm to try. Then I read this article from Tom Kuegler about his lack of interest in making Facebook videos.

The Trouble With Society Today

We are programmed to react to negativity, not positivity. When you visit my local chemist you have to park on the pavement. There is a proud sign in the window that states only customers can park outside the door. Yes, it is a pavement, but it is so large it accommodates cars and pedestrians. Whilst waiting outside, I saw a lady pushing a double buggy towards the cars. The buggy was empty, I have no idea why. She struggled to get the buggy past two of the cars. Having struggled with a pram, I got out and asked if she would like a hand.

My Old Battered Best Friend

The one thing that has stayed with me, through ups and downs. Throughout my life, I have owned many wonderful pieces of clothing. I had an amazing leather jacket with tassels and a brown suede one to match. I was an 80’s child, it’s my only defence. None of these compares to my very old Guns ‘n’ Roses T-shirt. It is twenty years old, so when you look at the picture and say it’s a grey T-shirt and I tell you it was black, you will understand.

The Real Story of Fostering, From Someone Who Was One

Children who play the system and ridiculous rules are only half of the story Five years ago, I was a foster parent. It is a part of my life, I have never shared through my writing before. This week though I sat down to write a short story and had to draw on some of my experiences. It took me back and made me reflect on the five years, I spent bringing up other people’s children. If you asked me now if I would do it again my answer would be no. If I could go back ten years, would I convince the younger me to embark on the profession? Sadly, my answer would still be no. These are my personal experiences, everyone’s journey is different. I am not advocating becoming a foster parent, as much as I am not trying to put anyone off. There are many positives to being a foster parent.