Showcase Sunday – How to Honor The Muscle, No matter How Small You see it Right Now by Selma Martin

I grew up in a culture where people recited an unwritten mantra that sounded something like this, “I will be happy when I can… if I can…”  This mentality, as you can already tell, comes with undercurrents of scarcity. You can see that, right? The future.Oh, the anticipation of that day!  Oh, the happiness you’ll experience then!  This is what emotion researchers call the hedonic treadmill. It’s something they say we do; working very hard to reach a goal that will result in happiness. Later.

Showcase Sunday – Healer by Jack Mulcahy

I first glimpsed the girl as a small bundle wrapped in the sergeant’s cloak. “What do you have for me?” I asked. It was my turn to take the fourth watch, midnight to dawn; a quiet night, until now. Moonlight spilled through the doorway as the sergeant carried the bundle into the Infirmary and gently set the girl on the wooden examining table. “We’d crossed into Rahesh on a raid, Honored Healer,” the sergeant said. She’d pushed her helmet up on top of her head and unlaced her cuirass; the iron strips clinked. A runnel of sweat bisected the soot on her forehead. “We heard her crying. The bastards had tied her to an altar, and...” She looked away. 

Showcase Sunday: Tommy Ueland – How to Self Edit: My 4 Go-To Techniques

I have a love/hate relationship with self-editing. When I am nearing the end of a writing session (I never edit while I write) I can’t wait to edit. I am excited to take that mold of text-clay and shape it into something I can be proud of. When I am through the third revision, hate is the prevailing emotion. To make editing bearable, interesting, and effective, I have these four techniques I use every time. Techniques that can apply to all forms of writing. 1. Let it Ferment Before Editing 

Showcase Sunday: Jack Mulcahy – The Fruit Of Love

“Stay here, Finola,” Padraigh directed. Giving me orders again. I was fed up with him. “Wait til I tell you.” But I kept silent and stayed in the cave, shivering with cold. I admit, the man usually had the best intentions. He wanted to protect me. And he’d warned me slave-catchers from Rahesh were eager to sell me to the auctioneers. As if I didn’t know that already. But if the riders I’d seen were slave-catchers, I was sure they were gone now. And what did he think he could do with just a knife and gladius against armed horsemen? I argued that my song-weaving magic was more than a match for any Raheshi slave-catcher, but Padraigh insisted it was a man’s duty to protect a woman, any woman. So I swallowed my objections and waited for his signal....

The Importance of Guest Blogging to Grow a Following

Showcase Sunday - An opportunity to guest blog for my successful website and publication. One of the most effective ways of attracting more followers is to guest blog on a popular site. Although, this process doesn’t always earn you money, what it does do is increase eyes on your work. Most publications will let you … Continue reading The Importance of Guest Blogging to Grow a Following