How to Write a Research Article that Makes your Readers Want More

My process for writing follows a similar pattern in every article that I write. I don’t say template because this is not my process, although other writers have used templates with great success. Whether you write crime or other research-based articles, though, there should be something you can take away from my process.

If Your Writing Income is Down Try This

This week, I noticed my writing income was lower than it was last month. I’m sure all writers have experienced this on more than one occasion. Rather than take to Medium and moan, quit writing or generally make myself unpopular, I decided to do something about it. I wrote five crime posts in five days.Continue reading “If Your Writing Income is Down Try This”

There is No Better Time to Follow Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Has remote working levelled the playing field for writers? As many of us have spent more time at home working, than ever before, there are advantages in many industries. Remote working has levelled the playing field in a way never experienced before. As we work at home we all have the same equipment, we are all producingContinue reading “There is No Better Time to Follow Your Entrepreneurial Dreams”