How to Edit Articles Easily and Effectively

Effective editing can be the difference between success and failure. Mistakes are the biggest reasons that readers do not re-visit content from writers. You have one chance to make a first impression. A reader will soon be put off if the post is littered with mistakes.

Every writer has been plagued by a grammar detective. Some mistakes are inevitable, we are only human. However, you should try to adopt a good editing practice.

How to Successfully Read Like a Writer

When I started on my writing journey, I struggled to have time to write and read. I love writing, but not reading affected my mental health. Like many of us, I felt genuine guilt if I was doing anything other than writing. That included reading. Then I read that you needed to analyse text to be a good writer. It was all the permission I needed to get back into reading.

Over the years of writing, my reading tastes have changed. I also read many books differently. However, nothing has got in the way of the pure pleasure I feel when I pick up a book and read. My partner states she always knows when I am coming to the end of a good book, as I get grumpy. She has a point. Recently I have noticed that my reading styles have changed. I have become more analytical in everything I read. Here are my suggestions to help your reading improve your writing.

3 Tips to Enable You to Write Those Difficult Posts

Sometimes it can take me hours to write a post. Other times the words fall out of my head, onto the computer.

Today, this post is not falling onto the page. I have started it several times and it is never right.

It is important when this happens, to keep plugging through even though you struggle. Sometimes the most difficult posts, are the most successful. Then there are the posts that are so easy to write, that you worry they will be successful.

It is important when you reach these hard writing days that you persevere. Writing every day is the most important to increase your productivity. You have to produce words to publish. Even if the basis for your article is less than perfect, with editing you can make an article out of it. If you have nothing written, you have nothing to edit. Even on the most difficult days, you need to keep going. These are three tips, that you can use to help with this process.

Tricks That Helped Me Build a Second Twitter Following

In the last five months, I have grown a following of nearly 350. Not a big amount, some of you might say, but these are 350 genuine followers who will have an interest in what I post. We all have one thing in common we have SEN (special educational needs) children. The reason I grew a second account, I needed a place to share parenting articles and to interact with other parents. My main account where I have over 2000 followers is for my writing. This account is more personal, about my journey with my amazing side-kick. I also needed a more personal account to share with my family.

Inspiration and Life Lessons Are Valuable to Be a Successful Writer

Inspiration can come from anywhere. It is our life experiences that sculpt the writers we become. This can happen in several ways. Our education and childhood will have an impact on the mechanics of writing. Our parents and friends will shape our beliefs, which will affect our writing.

Whether you write personal stories or not there is still a place for personal reflection. Most articles, regardless of the topic, benefit from some personal stories.

Let Inspiration Spark When it Happens