Disabled and Travelling in London.

How wheelchair users are disabled daily. Today as I start to write we are 30 minutes away from the first Mental Health Minute. Simultaneously across radio stations, we will hear the voices of many different celebrities. These voices are raising awareness of Mental Health issues. The media has improved Mental Health awareness. Celebrities have lent their … Continue reading Disabled and Travelling in London.

Bangkok is like Marmite – Bangkok the city of temples and conmen

Some people will rave about Bangkok. Like yin and yang, there are two sides of Bangkok. One a city full of locals that want to take advantage of tourists. The other side is a city of beautiful temples and architecture. Like Marmite, you either love or hate Bangkok. I am of the hate group. Bangkok … Continue reading Bangkok is like Marmite – Bangkok the city of temples and conmen

Hung Out To Dry – Short Story

”Back again dear” The nosy old bat from the corner shop smiled, as I placed the clothespins on the counter. ”Do you take in washing dear? It’s just, this is the third packet you have bought in a couple of days.” ”The dog ate them.” I hoped this reply would satisfy her. Placing the money on the counter, I smiled and walked out of the shop. I would have to find another shop tomorrow, to buy more from. Couldn’t have the old bat getting suspicious.