Three Simple Pieces of Writing Advice That You May Have Missed

There are many things over the two years of writing that I have learnt. The major things such as constructing a post and writing a good headline I have covered before.

There are however many smaller as important facts.

You Don’t Need Expensive Applications

Over the months I have bought a frightening amount of application which have cost a great deal of money. Over the months I have learnt that they are not necessary.

Whenever I buy an application I go back to a free version which is as effective. I have paid for many writing applications on my phone. However, the one I use now is the iPhone notes function. Simple and free.

You don’t need to spend money to be a writer.

Do You Have a Question About Writing?

A couple of days ago I wrote a post dedicated to one person’s, response on a story. The post showed all writers, the applications to use to improve your writing. Free Applications to Improve and Help All Writers In answer to a comment on one of my It was a lot of fun toContinue reading “Do You Have a Question About Writing?”

Scrivener – The Only Writing App I Need

When I started on my journey, to be published, I discovered a package called Scrivener. This is not a sponsored post, I get nothing from recommending Scrivener. I recommend it because it has been the single program which has launched my writing career.

Many blogs talk about Scrivener and how it takes the stress out of organisation your writing. I have to agree. The package is not cheap, so it was a bit of a commitment for me to pay out the money. Occasionally, the company will offer free trials, I went straight into purchasing it.