Your Email List is Your Biggest Asset as a Writer.

Facebook is getting more erratic and making it harder to connect to our followers. There may be a moment in the future where you simply cannot share your writing on there. This is the moment our email list becomes even more valuable. An email list is a place your followers can always find your work.Continue reading “Your Email List is Your Biggest Asset as a Writer.”

Ride the Wave of Inspiration

Too many times writers are crippled with writer’s block. I have been amongst these. My advice when the writing bug takes you is to go with it and get as much writing done as possible. These golden times with give you a cushion if writer’s block hits again. As writers, we should embrace the goldenContinue reading “Ride the Wave of Inspiration”

Control Your Bias as a Writer

When writing an article is it important to show all points of view? When I write some articles I know I have a bias towards topics. This was especially true in my last article. As a writer though I try to present both arguments and allow the reader to form their own opinion. From pastContinue reading “Control Your Bias as a Writer”