The Trouble With Society Today

We are programmed to react to negativity, not positivity. When you visit my local chemist you have to park on the pavement. There is a proud sign in the window that states only customers can park outside the door. Yes, it is a pavement, but it is so large it accommodates cars and pedestrians. Whilst waiting outside, I saw a lady pushing a double buggy towards the cars. The buggy was empty, I have no idea why. She struggled to get the buggy past two of the cars. Having struggled with a pram, I got out and asked if she would like a hand.

How to Encourage Positive Behaviour in Children

Using token economies to reward positive behaviour. Whether you are a parent or teacher, rewarding good behaviour has to be a priority. This principle teaches children what behaviour should be repeated and which shouldn’t. A reward for positive behaviour could be something as simple as praise. Imagine the scenario your child is bored, you haven’t had enough time to spend in the day with them. It happens we are all busy people. They start to kick the chairs and throw things in the lounge, due to the boredom. You go over to them, putting your work down and deal with their behaviour.

Can Your Approach Change Reactions?

Yesterday I decided to take my daughter to the local park. She is 18 months old and her love in life is the swing. Hours we could spend swinging her. As we approached the field, from a distance, we could see three teenage boys at the children’s swing. They had done the normal and tied the swing up by turning it over and over the bar. My partner asked what we were going to do. My reply I’m going to ask them to pull the swing down for me or turn it back around myself.

Token Economies to Reward Positive Behaviour

In my previous blog, I provided 8 suggestions on how teachers can manage and improve challenging behaviour in the classroom. One other way to improve behaviour and manage issues at school is to reward positive behaviour, rather than focusing on the negative actions of some students. Cognitive behaviour therapy states that you ignore all bad … Continue reading Token Economies to Reward Positive Behaviour

8 Techniques to Encourage Positive Behaviour in the Classroom

I recently saw a post that made my blood boil; the post stated that bad behaviour in the class is never the fault of the teacher. Some children have problems but, there is always something that the teacher can do. Teachers as educators should be educating students on how to deal with their behaviour. In … Continue reading 8 Techniques to Encourage Positive Behaviour in the Classroom

How to Become an Outstanding Teacher

Tips and Tricks to Gain That Grade 1 Lesson Observation. An outstanding lesson isn’t what the teacher does it’s was the student learns. Ofsted defines an outstanding lesson has containing these three components: Are all pupils challenged? Are all pupils making progress? Are all pupils at least engaged and at best inspired? Planning the Lesson When … Continue reading How to Become an Outstanding Teacher