Why You Should Write.

Why have you chosen to write? What led you down the path to being a blogger and writer?

Last week, I began pondering why I had chosen to write as my second career. My first career choice is as a Deputy Head Teacher for young people, excluded from school. 

The first thing that strikes me is that writing is the extreme opposite of what I do every day. 

Writing is a very solitary process. 
In contrast, working in a school means I am surrounded by people and voices. Makes for some great material to use in my writing though.

I can’t remember when exactly I got the idea I wanted to write a book. It seems to have been an ambition of mine for as long as I can remember. From early teens I wrote a journal, a practice I have continued throughout my life. 

I have decided finally to take my writing seriously. Here are the reasons, you should start taking your writing seriously. 

5 Easy Ways to Produce a Professional Blog

To succeed in writing you need to have a professional blog. A professional blog will give you a portfolio of work to refer potential customers. It can also be a portfolio of work for yourself.

Here are the 5 easiest ways to turn your personal blog into a professional blog.

How to Write Different Types of Blogs

Did you know there are eight types of blog to write? Blog comes from the word ‘Weblog’ and means to update regularly and in chronological order. I didn’t know that, I also didn’t know how many different types of blog were available to write. Here are eight of the more common: Listicle or List Post List postsContinue reading “How to Write Different Types of Blogs”