I Lost One Follower — Here Is What I Learnt

Having set the challenge to increase my followers by 1000. I have become obsessed with checking my stats.

Today I noticed that in two hours I had lost one follower. Just one follower, but to me this one follower became the most important person to my blog.

Before you all worry about the level of my sanity I went from 941 to 940 it was very noticeable.

If only I could ask that 1 follower why they had unfollowed? What post made them unfollow?

5 Easy Ways to Produce a Professional Blog

To succeed in writing you need to have a professional blog. A professional blog will give you a portfolio of work to refer potential customers. It can also be a portfolio of work for yourself.

Here are the 5 easiest ways to turn your personal blog into a professional blog.

Past and Future Writing Goals — Success and Failure

At the start of 2018, I completed and published a post on my goals. I thought I had done well until I looked back and saw how little I had accomplished. Although, this is the first time I looked at the post since I published it, so it shouldn’t be a surprise.

The lesson in this, if you want to work towards yearly goals it is an advantage to have the goals close by to refer to.