The Perfect Structure for the Perfect Post

How to structure your writing and reference correctly. Whether you are writing an academic essay or an article for your blog here is a simple structure that you can use. Using this will help clarify your posts and excel in all your writing. Post / Essay Title Every essay title should contain an explicit or implicitContinue reading “The Perfect Structure for the Perfect Post”

A Writers Life

Despite my English Teacher I Succeeded My writers life started when I was eight years old. Sat on a hall floor, crossed legged, listening to an author called Nigel Hinton. All my life I have gone to bed seeing a movie run through my head. Nigel Hinton sat there and stated that a good authorContinue reading “A Writers Life”

How to Write Different Types of Blogs

Did you know there are eight types of blog to write? Blog comes from the word ‘Weblog’ and means to update regularly and in chronological order. I didn’t know that, I also didn’t know how many different types of blog were available to write. Here are eight of the more common: Listicle or List Post List postsContinue reading “How to Write Different Types of Blogs”