Practical Ways to Ensure Everything You Write Is for Your Readers

The pressure on writers to create daily content is huge. If you read many of the articles dedicated to making money from blogging, they all say the same thing. To earn, you need to produce regular content. Daily content, is the suggestion. Not many writers talk about this content needing to be quality content, though. Sure you will make money from all content, but will you make enough? You have one chance to make a first impression and this is never more true than when it concerns writing. If a reader’s first introduction to your work is not a quality piece, will they come back and read more? Ask yourself that question as a reader. If you read an article from a new writer, that is littered with grammatical mistakes and has no real content, would you read more of their work? For this reason, as a writing coach, I have to encourage my writers to write quality content. You should, of course, publish regularly, but this does not need to be daily. Find a routine that you can stick to and work with that. Do not feel pressurised to write every day if you have nothing to say. As a writer, there should be three questions you ask yourself, whenever you sit down and publish a piece of work.

Ko-Fi Anyone — Is This The New Big Publishing Platform to Make Money

As a writer, you have to have a portfolio of your work to share with prospective job opportunities. Many people will say that they have Medium as their portfolio of work. However, there is a problem with this. Unless your prospective employer is a Medium member, they will not be able to read your locked … Continue reading Ko-Fi Anyone — Is This The New Big Publishing Platform to Make Money

Can A Back Catalogue Make You Money — The Results are In

If you read my post on whether a back catalogue could sustain your income, you may be wondering how this went. Well if you are interested I will not keep you waiting. The question I asked was by advertising older posts, would I sustain my income? The quick answer no I didn’t make the same money.

The surprising answer, I made more than normal. Not more than normal, but I had my best month on Medium since starting writing here two years ago. I earned almost 30% more than a standard month. No one is more shocked than me. So let’s break this down and examine the other advantages this had.

3 Easy Ways of Advertising Your Articles

Promotion and social media marketing is as big a part of being a writer as producing the articles. Over the years I have tried several different methods, some have worked, others not. 

On Medium, older posts appear to make more money when read, than those published that month. Every month when I study my income and statistics, older posts account for on average 50% of my earnings. This is no coincidence, as I promote my old articles as much as I promote my new articles.

With these three simple tips, you can make your posts evergreen. Earning from them long after they have been published.