Five Ways to Get Inspiration in Isolation

If you are waiting for the inspiration to write during these difficult times, it might never come. Professional writers get up every day and write. They create their own inspiration, by sitting at a computer and seeing what happens. It may be that as a writer, you need to force the writing more than ever during these times. Much of my inspiration for writing comes from my everyday life. Things I have seen whilst out working. Phrases and questions the young people I teach have asked me. Where now does this inspiration come from? I have written a few articles on COVID-19, but I don’t want to write only about it. I'm trying to get out of the depression, not stay in it writing about it. As writers, where can we now get our inspiration from when our world consists of the same four walls every day.

5 Tips to Help You Write During Isolation

I haven’t written for a week. Do I have writers' block? No, I don’t, I have a lack of concentration and motivation. It appears from talking to other writers I am not alone in this. Many writers have told me they are also struggling to write. To say I haven’t written anything isn’t entirely true. I have written one journal entry. Which makes a joke of my idea of publishing an isolation journal. I have day one and ten. I have also produced a couple of rough drafts on pen and paper. I didn't have the motivation to complete these and publish, though.