How to Respond Like a Champion When Your Writing Has Let You Down by Froyle Davies

This week, I am scheduled to pull down my exhibition of paintings from the art centre in town. I haven’t sold any paintings, and I knew it might not have been a great time to hold an exhibition, but it is still disappointing. Facing the fact that the event cost me time and money, without any apparent benefit, is somewhat disappointing. You may know the feeling; the lump that sits in the bottom of your stomach like a rock. You might be smiling on the outside, but on the inside, you feel like crap.

Be Quick – A Coaching Space Just Became Available

I have just had a coaching place become available on my professional coaching course. This doesn’t happen often. Sign up whilst you can. Is there a better time to concentrate on your writing? If you would like to take your writing to the next level then you might consider my coaching program, from as little … Continue reading Be Quick – A Coaching Space Just Became Available

Tommy Ueland – How to Self Edit: My 4 Go-To Techniques

I have a love/hate relationship with self-editing. When I am nearing the end of a writing session (I never edit while I write) I can’t wait to edit. I am excited to take that mold of text-clay and shape it into something I can be proud of.

When I am through the third revision, hate is the prevailing emotion.

To make editing bearable, interesting, and effective, I have these four techniques I use every time. Techniques that can apply to all forms of writing.

1. Let it Ferment Before Editing 

How to Write Articles and Grow a Second Business

You will read many articles that speak about making money as a writer. The majority of the advice they offer is how to format and write articles. There is, however, another way you can make income from the articles you write.

You can use your writing to advertise a second business. This can be through directly linking to the service or product you offer or by growing your brand. Once you have grown your brand and are recognised as an authority in the topic, you can start advertising.

I started writing seriously five years ago. Like many new writers, I thought the money would be rolling in within a year. I read all the articles that said it could take at least five years to build a brand, still, I thought I knew better. My main aim was to make money on the articles I wrote.

How do you build a second business though?