Writing Platforms That Let You Connect and Interact – Come Join Me

Over the last couple of months, I have been pondering the question of how to be more interactive with my followers. Interaction is such a major part of what writers do, which is why it is important to all. I have various platforms some of them more active than others. None of them offers meContinue reading “Writing Platforms That Let You Connect and Interact – Come Join Me”

The Trick That Helps Facebook Followers See Your Content

There is a workaround, which would enable all your followers to see your content. It involves asking your followers to change their settings for your page. You can inform your readers about this by posting this type of post to the top of your page. That is exactly what I am going to do.

Diversify Your Marketing Strategy in Writing

This week, I logged onto my Facebook groups and found that I had been banned from commenting and posting to all groups. On first inspection, it looked to be the fault of one of two posts. After some investigation the truth was even more shocking.

I run a group called Every Child Matters and I was banned for the material I had shared there. The posts that Facebook took offence to post about internet child safety and how much I love my autistic side-kick.