How to Honor The Muscle, No matter How Small You see it Right Now by Selma Martin

I grew up in a culture where people recited an unwritten mantra that sounded something like this, “I will be happy when I can… if I can…” 

This mentality, as you can already tell, comes with undercurrents of scarcity. You can see that, right?

The future.Oh, the anticipation of that day! 
Oh, the happiness you’ll experience then! 

This is what emotion researchers call the hedonic treadmill. It’s something they say we do; working very hard to reach a goal that will result in happiness. Later.

Writing Friendships Are an Essential Part of a Writer’s Life.

At the end of last year, I decided to try something different. I have been involved in many group articles, such as the 40 things I love and 40 things I hate. You know the type I suppose the more mature writer, would call them chain letters. I have had great fun with all ofContinue reading “Writing Friendships Are an Essential Part of a Writer’s Life.”

The Career Choice Test That Predicted My Future

When I was sixteen I carried out a career choice test to tell me what job I was going to do in the future. It was one of those boring, long screening exercises where you tick a number of boxes.

One week later I was informed, a computer had decided the ideal job for me was Youth and Community Worker. 

Yea, right I thought.