How a Positive Mindset Can Change Your Life

I have heard many people say this is the worse year they have had. For some this might be true, for the others not. I have had far worse years than this one. The year my best-friend died was very bad. It was also the year my niece was born, so not the worse year.

There have been down days and times, but generally, 2020 has been kind to me. I have completed my manuscript. Watched my baby blossom into a cheeky six-month-old. I have also had quality time with my two-year-old. My daughter is on the spectrum and the world has been a scary place for her, until now. I have watched her grown up and develop at lightning speed. How can 2020 be a bad year?

There have been bad times. Times of boredom, worries over money, and the constant ache of not seeing my mum. My glass, however, is always half full. I’m not seeing my mum, but at least she is fit and healthy. With everything in life, it is your mindset that controls your experience.

Three Pieces of Writing Advice I Use In My Life.

Since I started writing I have been amazed at the advice and support I have received from others.

Writers who are well established never worry about you taking readers from them. Instead, they support you, answer your questions and share their experience.

The advice has always helped a great deal, not only with my writing career but personally.

The Career Choice Test That Predicted My Future

When I was sixteen I carried out a career choice test to tell me what job I was going to do in the future. It was one of those boring, long screening exercises where you tick a number of boxes.

One week later I was informed, a computer had decided the ideal job for me was Youth and Community Worker. 

Yea, right I thought.