3 Easy Ways of Advertising Your Articles

Promotion and social media marketing is as big a part of being a writer as producing the articles. Over the years I have tried several different methods, some have worked, others not. 

On Medium, older posts appear to make more money when read, than those published that month. Every month when I study my income and statistics, older posts account for on average 50% of my earnings. This is no coincidence, as I promote my old articles as much as I promote my new articles.

With these three simple tips, you can make your posts evergreen. Earning from them long after they have been published.

How To Use Social Media As A Writer & The Surprise Elements They Hide.


Once my favourite social media platform, the attraction is dwindling. There is a culture of people following for a follow back and then unfollow. This lack of genuine interaction has ruined my experience recently.

How to Increase Your Social Media Following

Simple methods to increase your following on any platform.

It is not with a hint of irony I write this post. For many months I have been talking about the negative influence of social media. I decided a positive post was in order.

Although I remain certain that we all spend too much time on social media. There are many positives to marketing your work that cannot be overlooked. 

In order to market your work successfully, you have to have many followers. In order to increase your reader count, you need to reach more people.