Five Life Quotes To Live Your Life By

For many years I have been obsessed with quotes. My commonplace book has quotes from a variety of sources. Life quotes are those that follow you throughout the ages.

Whether it is the first sentence or beautiful prose, I write them down.

There are, however, five life quotes that have given me strength. Mantra’s to live by.

How To Write Your First Novel

Factors to consider when sitting down to write your first novel. 

When I was very young, I was lucky enough to have a school visit from Michael Rosen. He said something that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

To be able to write fiction of any type you need to imagine the story in your head like a movie and then write what you see.
It was the first time I realised, that I could write a novel. I could see the characters and action in stories as clear as if I was watching it on a TV screen.

Scrivener – The Only Writing App I Need

When I started on my journey, to be published, I discovered a package called Scrivener. This is not a sponsored post, I get nothing from recommending Scrivener. I recommend it because it has been the single program which has launched my writing career.

Many blogs talk about Scrivener and how it takes the stress out of organisation your writing. I have to agree. The package is not cheap, so it was a bit of a commitment for me to pay out the money. Occasionally, the company will offer free trials, I went straight into purchasing it.