Your Email List is Your Biggest Asset as a Writer.

Facebook is getting more erratic and making it harder to connect to our followers. There may be a moment in the future where you simply cannot share your writing on there. This is the moment our email list becomes even more valuable. An email list is a place your followers can always find your work.Continue reading “Your Email List is Your Biggest Asset as a Writer.”

How Twitter Can Help Your Write and Market Your Novel

Twitter is a brilliant resource for sharing your articles and gaining followers. There are various techniques you can use, which I have spoken about before. 

If you are a fiction writer, however, many of these techniques may not be effective. One technique I discovered is to create an account for one of your fictional characters.

Many years ago I started writing a vampire novel. At present, it is only halfway through. The lead character is a vampire named Raylon who was part of an experiment. It was this character I used for my Twitter account.

This is a method that would work on Twitter and Instagram. I have only done this on Twitter. Instagram, however, welcomes this approach. There is even an option on a business account to be a fictional character.

Five Proven Ways to Increase Your Readers

As professionals we can’t sit and think, I want new readers if we are not prepared to discover new writers.

Last week I read a comment on one of my Facebook groups that asked:

How do we increase our readership if all the groups are filled with the same people?
It is a brilliant question. Within the groups I belong, the same group of names are always there. Not that this is a bad thing as I love the writers I interact with, in these groups. But, how do we get new people to see our work, especially as Medium is not great at pushing articles forward?