Why Do People Put You Down, When You Have What They Want?

Try to gain success at the expense of someone else, is never alright.

Recently the negativity has been flowing again. Once again a writer has thought it was reasonable to call out another writer.

Now I am not saying everyone on Medium is perfect, far from it and I include myself in that. But, I am bemused at the number of people who want to make it to the top, whilst trampling over others.

Why I Don’t Worry About Top Writer Status & Why You Shouldn’t Either.

Measure your success in a different way

I mean no disrespect to any of my fellow writers who are proud of Top Writer status in Medium. In fact, I will celebrate your successes alongside you. For me, it has never been something I measure success on.

There are plenty of other parts to Medium I am obsessed with – claps, reads, curation.

My mental health is thankful that Top Writer isn’t one of my obsessions.