The Only Resource You Need to Improve Your Writing

Whether you are an established writer or just starting, there is a vast wealth of information and advice on how to improve your writing. There is so much brilliant advice out there, caught within the tidal wave of ‘How I made $1000 in my first month’ articles.

Help can come at you from every direction, be it podcasts, books, or online courses. The variety is enormous. Much of this information is free; some writers have made a career out of helping other writers.

Is There a Better Time to Enhance Your Writing with a Mentor?

One of the positive aspects of a reduced workload is it gives you time to reflect. Reflection is a valuable part of any practice and can help us build a more stable income. 

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been examining and analysing data over many social media sites. As writers, it is good to spend time looking at what is working for us and what isn't.

As many of my goals for this year have been thrown in the air, it was also a good time to set myself some new goals.