Skills to Attract a Publisher to Your Book

There used to be a time when you could write a book about any topic, find a publisher and get a deal. Times have changed, the ever-growing list of self-published authors has meant larger competition. When the money is cut back, so are the books that publishers will take a chance on. However, don't let this put you off, there is always the possibility that you will be published. New authors are discovered every day. Know your genre

3 Tips to Enable You to Write Those Difficult Posts

Sometimes it can take me hours to write a post. Other times the words fall out of my head, onto the computer.

Today, this post is not falling onto the page. I have started it several times and it is never right.

It is important when this happens, to keep plugging through even though you struggle. Sometimes the most difficult posts, are the most successful. Then there are the posts that are so easy to write, that you worry they will be successful.

It is important when you reach these hard writing days that you persevere. Writing every day is the most important to increase your productivity. You have to produce words to publish. Even if the basis for your article is less than perfect, with editing you can make an article out of it. If you have nothing written, you have nothing to edit. Even on the most difficult days, you need to keep going. These are three tips, that you can use to help with this process.

How to Master the Art of Showing Not Telling When Writing

Many editors have advised me to show more and tell less. If you write fiction I am sure you have heard this. It in itself seems like a simple concept. In practice, it is hard to do. When I sit down at my computer it is a thought that is my constant companion. It should be on your mind when you sit on your desk chair. The edge biting into your legs as you shuffle to get comfy. Fingers hammering on the keys as cramp starts to take hold of your wrist. Your heart beating faster as you attempt to get your protagonist out of one more scrap. A dull ache behind your eyes. The sense of dread rising in your stomach as you realise what in front of you is crap. You probably think that was a long introduction, but as you can see even with factual writing you can show not tell

How Twitter Can Help Your Write and Market Your Novel

Twitter is a brilliant resource for sharing your articles and gaining followers. There are various techniques you can use, which I have spoken about before. 

If you are a fiction writer, however, many of these techniques may not be effective. One technique I discovered is to create an account for one of your fictional characters.

Many years ago I started writing a vampire novel. At present, it is only halfway through. The lead character is a vampire named Raylon who was part of an experiment. It was this character I used for my Twitter account.

This is a method that would work on Twitter and Instagram. I have only done this on Twitter. Instagram, however, welcomes this approach. There is even an option on a business account to be a fictional character.