Be Quick – A Coaching Space Just Became Available

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How I Wrote My First Book and What I Learnt on the Journey

The inspiration behind The Detective Two and how this became a published book. 

When I was eight years old, the amazing Michael Rosen came to our school. 

He spoke about his new book and read to us. He also said something that stayed with me. 

Good writers see books in their heads like movies. Great writers can then transfer these movies to paper.
I might be paraphrasing, it was 35 years ago, but the idea is the same. 

At first, when these words hit my eight-year-old brain, I was relieved. I had been going to bed every night with a group of imaginary friends, living out a soap opera in my head. Thank god there were other people that this happened too. Then I remember thinking I could write a book, this movie in my head could be a book.

How To Write Your First Novel

Factors to consider when sitting down to write your first novel. 

When I was very young, I was lucky enough to have a school visit from Michael Rosen. He said something that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

To be able to write fiction of any type you need to imagine the story in your head like a movie and then write what you see.
It was the first time I realised, that I could write a novel. I could see the characters and action in stories as clear as if I was watching it on a TV screen.