A Beginners Guide to Medium & Writing

I appreciate I talk in my writing a lot about Medium.  What is Medium and how can you use it in your writing.

Medium is a platform where you can feature your writing for others to read.  It is also a social platform where you can meet like-minded people and genuinely support each other.  I started writing on Medium in March 2018 and since then my writing career has taken off.

The thing that really annoys me is I can’t remember how I found about Medium.  I started as a reader devouring all the content I could.  I then became brave and started publishing on there.

So Here Is A Basic Guide To Medium For All Aspiring Writers.

A Writers Opinion on 5 Social Media Platforms

 The platforms to use and those to avoid. There are 5.1 billion social media users. 210 million people suffer from social media addiction. Teenagers who spend five hours a day on social media are two times more likely to develop depression. Social media is both a curse and a blessing for many people. I have spentContinue reading “A Writers Opinion on 5 Social Media Platforms”