Ko-Fi Anyone — Is This The New Big Publishing Platform to Make Money

As a writer, you have to have a portfolio of your work to share with prospective job opportunities. Many people will say that they have Medium as their portfolio of work. However, there is a problem with this. Unless your prospective employer is a Medium member, they will not be able to read your locked … Continue reading Ko-Fi Anyone — Is This The New Big Publishing Platform to Make Money

How to Write Articles and Grow a Second Business

You will read many articles that speak about making money as a writer. The majority of the advice they offer is how to format and write articles. There is, however, another way you can make income from the articles you write.

You can use your writing to advertise a second business. This can be through directly linking to the service or product you offer or by growing your brand. Once you have grown your brand and are recognised as an authority in the topic, you can start advertising.

I started writing seriously five years ago. Like many new writers, I thought the money would be rolling in within a year. I read all the articles that said it could take at least five years to build a brand, still, I thought I knew better. My main aim was to make money on the articles I wrote.

How do you build a second business though?

How to Use 5 Steps to Edit Effectively and Quickly

Editing polishes writing into something others want to read. On average it should take as long to edit a post as it does to write it.

I am a firm believer in letting posts sit for a day before I give a final edit and publish, you may feel differently. There have been a few posts that I have written, edited and published in all in one sitting. These tend to be the more personal posts, that I am afraid I will lose my nerve to publish if I leave them.

How to Accomplish Your Goals in 2020

It is that time of the year when everyone looks back on their yearly achievements. Medium is saturated with how I did this year posts.

Although these posts will be extensive, they all have their place. As writers by reading how other writers improved their goals can help us.

So here is my number one tip for achieving, as well as I did this year.

Keep your goals where they can be seen and revisit them regularly.

You need read no further, if you want more insight then stick with me.