Control Your Bias as a Writer

When writing an article is it important to show all points of view? When I write some articles I know I have a bias towards topics. This was especially true in my last article. As a writer though I try to present both arguments and allow the reader to form their own opinion. From pastContinue reading “Control Your Bias as a Writer”

When You Should Consider Unlocking Your Article on Medium

Many months ago, I wrote a post about the benefits of unlocking some of your posts. It is a strategy I have stuck with over the years. No more so than now. Recently, I had a crazy idea to start a community publication dedicated to one-minute articles. Not as easy as it sounds. You haveContinue reading “When You Should Consider Unlocking Your Article on Medium”

Patience You May Have Written Your Viral Post a Year Ago

Like every writer, I check my stats after an article is published hoping for a viral hit. I have had a few, but always dismissed the notion an old post could go viral. That was until last month. A post I had forgotten about, started gaining views and it hasn’t stopped or slowed down. TheContinue reading “Patience You May Have Written Your Viral Post a Year Ago”