Four Sheets & A Blanket – Short Story

Meg came to, in the pitch black. She couldn’t remember where she was. Feeling around she felt the cold, damp concrete floor under her fingers. That was when she first realised that she was naked. She shivered as the cold and damp from the floor seeped into her bones. She started to shake, a mixture of cold and fear put her body into spasm. She sat up, the pain in her back was unbearable as the feeling started to return. Hugging herself she tried to calm her breathing, to stop this uncontrollable shaking. She ran her fingers through her hair. Her fingers caught in the sticky mess at the base of her skull. As her fingers touched her head, a shock of electricity went through her brain, almost making her pass out. The pain eased as she massaged her eyes and took a deep breath. Again she tried to feel her head, feeling the wound that was open and seeping.

The Betrayal – Short Story

Jean opened the door to her brand new space. She took a deep breath, the citrus smell was pleasant. This small space, was the first time for a long time, that she had an area to herself. Of course, it was tiny compared to the home she shared with Dan, but this was her space. The first thing she moved into the bedroom was her laundry basket. She stood it in the corner of the room. It used to drive Jean mad that even with a laundry basket so close Dan still never put his socks in it. Every night the same routine, come home from work, strip off his suit and socks. He would always hang his suit up, but the socks were thrown. Round the bin, near the bin, but never in the bin. Jean smiled at the memory it was funny how when all the hurt faded it was still the little things you remembered.

Vox – Christina Dalcher

What would you say if you only had 100 words a day? Would you tell your children you loved them? Would you read them a bedtime story? Would you ask them about their school day? This is the dilemma that Dr Jean McClellan faces every day. After she has reached her 100 a day limit, she is given an electric shock. Keep going above the limit and the shocks increase, until they can kill. Women in America are subjected to this treatment every day. Men are free to talk as much as they wish. Females from the age of 5 are restricted to 100 words every day.

Memoirs of a Play-White – Helene Louiesa Mynhardt

Memoirs of a play-white is a beautifully crafted historical autobiography. Growing up in South Africa during Apartheid, Louiesa deals with her life as a 'play-white.' This amazing story details the life of Louiesa from before birth onwards. The autobiography is written in the third person. There are many times you have to remind yourself that … Continue reading Memoirs of a Play-White – Helene Louiesa Mynhardt