My Pioneering Grandma — A Women Before Her Time

For many weeks I have been struggling with a poem, about my gran. The most amazing woman I know. Unfortunately, she is now a shell of the woman she was. Dementia has eaten everything that was her, away. Not that I want this to be a sad account, of one of the most amazing women I know. During writing the poem, I realised how amazing she was, I have so many stories to tell. Then Publishous posted this amazing prompt and it was written in the stars. Now was the time to tell the story of Stella Round a pioneer of her time.

Remove That Negative Person The Excuses Don’t Count

The quote above resonated with me. Mainly because there are times in my life I would have loved to have that strength of character. The truth is we all stay in relationships that are bad for us. We justify it with a handful of excuses, but the feelings are always there. The excuses help us avoid the real reason we don’t leave. We are not strong enough. Whether in a romantic relationship or that with family and friends the excuses are always the same.