Social Media is Stealing Your Writing Time

How will article 13 affect writers?

How many of us ignored our loved ones, to post on social media?

Come the strike of midnight on 2019, I was sat watching my other half try to take a selfie with a snapchat filter.  

I had to sit there and wait for her to finish before I could wish her Happy New Year.

I was fuming, in my head, I was the only person who was being ignored, for social media. Then I got a grip of myself and realised that all around the planet there were people being ignored.  People who had seen 2019 in, with a phone in hand.  People who were fighting for a signal, so they could post to social media.  

Why do we spend all our time on social media?  

How Important is Grammar and Spelling in Writing?

Are spelling and grammar important when writing? It is a question I ask myself daily, during teaching. I work with some of the most reluctant students. Many have been excluded from school for behaviour reasons. Students exhibit behaviour for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is that they struggle at school. It isContinue reading “How Important is Grammar and Spelling in Writing?”