Life is Tough — Kindness Costs Nothing

Sometimes one tiny little comment can be the last straw for someone and we don’t think about this enough. Do you ever stop and think about what your reactions are doing to other people? We have all seen comments on Facebook or Medium and wanted to fire off an angry response. Do you ever consider ifContinue reading “Life is Tough — Kindness Costs Nothing”

Social Media Causes Eating Disorders

Being sexy is about attitude, not body type — Amisha Patel

My best friend is beautiful. Not this new modern plaster the makeup on beautiful, classic 1950’s beautiful. She looks good with or without makeup. When we go out together, people stop and look. She sees none of this. Brought up in a world obsessed with size 0 and airbrushed photos. She fights a battle between herself and the mirror every day.

In a survey of men, her figure was described as ideal. Yet she believes she is overweight. I have heard her on more than one occasion describe herself as disgusting. As women, we are the most critical of other women. This constant criticism leads to anxiety. Anyone who looks attractive is often criticised. Why other women do not support each other more, is beyond my comprehension.