Tricks That Helped Me Build a Second Twitter Following

In the last five months, I have grown a following of nearly 350. Not a big amount, some of you might say, but these are 350 genuine followers who will have an interest in what I post. We all have one thing in common we have SEN (special educational needs) children. The reason I grew a second account, I needed a place to share parenting articles and to interact with other parents. My main account where I have over 2000 followers is for my writing. This account is more personal, about my journey with my amazing side-kick. I also needed a more personal account to share with my family.

Social Media Causes Eating Disorders

Being sexy is about attitude, not body type — Amisha Patel

My best friend is beautiful. Not this new modern plaster the makeup on beautiful, classic 1950’s beautiful. She looks good with or without makeup. When we go out together, people stop and look. She sees none of this. Brought up in a world obsessed with size 0 and airbrushed photos. She fights a battle between herself and the mirror every day.

In a survey of men, her figure was described as ideal. Yet she believes she is overweight. I have heard her on more than one occasion describe herself as disgusting. As women, we are the most critical of other women. This constant criticism leads to anxiety. Anyone who looks attractive is often criticised. Why other women do not support each other more, is beyond my comprehension.

How To Embed Links on Instagram And Encourage Reads

The hack Instagram doesn’t tell you about.

I am constantly looking at ways of increasing my reads, from external sources. This has become even more essential in the last month.

I have written many posts on social media marketing, I will link these below.

Instagram, for many writers, remains the platform writers do the least marketing on. When it should be in your top three. However, it is not always easy to embed links on Instagram.

Why Follow, Unfollow Should Not Be Your Strategy

It is dishonest and gets you nowhere.

Why do you follow people on Medium? Is it so they follow you back? Is it because you like their work? Is it because they are your friend.

On all social media, I follow for three main reasons.

I like the writer’s voice. I enjoy their work and gain insight from reading their views.
They have reached out to me and I value them as a friend. Not all, have I met in person, but still, I value their involvement in my life.
I’m looking to build a community and interact with like-minded people. This works on other social media. I don’t use it on Medium.
I never follow, unfollow.

How to Control Your Social Media Addiction

Take back control.

Did you know that 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years?
Sit for a minute and think about that. It is a frightening statistic. For this amount of data to be produced, what have we sacrificed? Time with our family. Time reading, relaxing and in some cases our mental health. This is how bad social media addiction has become.

I have a friend who battles a negative self-image daily. It’s hard for me to understand, she sees fat and ugly. I see a stunning figure and beautiful. Social media compounds this problem.

Writing Applications, That Make Writing on My Phone Easy.

Free, writing applications that I use daily.

As mentioned previously, the majority of my writing is completed on my phone. I find ten minutes here and there, to write a hundred words at a time.

Writing applications can be an expensive business. As this is my side-hustle and I have a family to support, I can’t afford to spend money.

Here are the phone apps that I use. Although many offer a paid version, the reviews are for the free versions. These are my honest views and not sponsored by any company.