How To Support Writers As a Reader.

Why as a reader you should be supporting other writers.

As a writer, you can share your wisdom through your writing tips and stories of success. As a reader though you hold all the power.

Think about your favourite author. You buy their books, pre-order their new editions and recommend their books. You as the reader have the power to make or break an author. The easiest way to thank these authors for their amazing work is by leaving a positive review. How many of you do this for every read?

This reader power is also true on Medium.

The first change we saw on Medium was for reading time to be converted into payment. This system personally changed the reader in me. I stopped skim reading and started digesting the work of others.

How to Support Your Fellow Writers.

Make the time to show a writer some love.

Interaction with writers is such an important part of growing a following on Medium.

There are several ways to support your fellow writers on Medium. I am good at all of them except one. Commenting on people’s posts.

I get so engrossed in the excellent content from all of you, I want to read more and more. So eager am I to click on the next story, I don’t comment half as much as I should.

So first let me say, I’m sorry. Fellow writers your work is amazing I should comment more.

For those new, to Medium there are so many ways you can show a writer love.