Why You Should Write.

Why have you chosen to write? What led you down the path to being a blogger and writer?

Last week, I began pondering why I had chosen to write as my second career. My first career choice is as a Deputy Head Teacher for young people, excluded from school. 

The first thing that strikes me is that writing is the extreme opposite of what I do every day. 

Writing is a very solitary process. 
In contrast, working in a school means I am surrounded by people and voices. Makes for some great material to use in my writing though.

I can’t remember when exactly I got the idea I wanted to write a book. It seems to have been an ambition of mine for as long as I can remember. From early teens I wrote a journal, a practice I have continued throughout my life. 

I have decided finally to take my writing seriously. Here are the reasons, you should start taking your writing seriously.