Chronic Fatigue Stole My Job and Handed Me a Writing Career

Now I have the opportunity to truly concentrate on my passion.

I have been suffering. Suffering in almost silence. I say almost because I’m sure the people I live with have picked up the moans and groans.

Being a new mother, I put the tiredness down to having a two-year-old. All parents are tired, I know that’s the truth. The problem was the tiredness never went away. I was going to bed at eight and getting up ten hours later and I was still tired. Not a little sleepy, but bone tired. Where the very essence of you aches.

Scrivener – The Only Writing App I Need

When I started on my journey, to be published, I discovered a package called Scrivener. This is not a sponsored post, I get nothing from recommending Scrivener. I recommend it because it has been the single program which has launched my writing career.

Many blogs talk about Scrivener and how it takes the stress out of organisation your writing. I have to agree. The package is not cheap, so it was a bit of a commitment for me to pay out the money. Occasionally, the company will offer free trials, I went straight into purchasing it.

I Lost One Follower — Here Is What I Learnt

Having set the challenge to increase my followers by 1000. I have become obsessed with checking my stats.

Today I noticed that in two hours I had lost one follower. Just one follower, but to me this one follower became the most important person to my blog.

Before you all worry about the level of my sanity I went from 941 to 940 it was very noticeable.

If only I could ask that 1 follower why they had unfollowed? What post made them unfollow?