Writing Coach

Mentoring Course

Do you want a dedicated mentor and coach to take your writing to the next level? Then consider looking at joining my Patreon coaching program or book a one-off mentoring session for £10 per half-hour.

If you are a writer or blogger that wants to take your writing to the next level then the £10 tier is for you. Here I offer critique of two posts a month. Having written for ten years and made it a lucrative side hustle, I have the experience and skills to take your articles to the next level.

My next tier of £25 offers you the opportunity to work with me on three posts a month and take advantage of a zoom mentoring session.

My highest tier at £40 offers an extensive editing and support package for all your writing needs. I have set a limit of three patrons only. This allows me to work extensively all month with you. If you have a piece of work that needs polishing, editing and marketing then this tier will be beneficial to you.

In addition to this, there are several other benefits I offer all my Patrons such as access to my Facebook group, free access to my Crime blog, tips and tricks not shared elsewhere.

I offer two lower tiers at £1 and £2 for those who would simply like to support my writing.

The beauty I find of offering these services through Patreon is that you can unsubscribe whenever you want. Rather than committing to a year mentoring that might not be for you. You can jump in and cancel whenever you want.

For questions on any of these services find me on social media or contact me here.


​I want to give a shout out to my friend/mentor/coach/editor/proofreader Sam H Arnold.
She has been a tremendous help for me in my blogging journey, and I am so glad to have you on-board for this, Sam. I finally sleep at night knowing I have someone with your skill, mindset, and understanding of the writing game behind me.
​Tommy Ueland, Author

Sam Arnold is the best coach/mentor/editor I know. She gives valuable feedback without ever insisting that her view is the “right” one. Her positive, encouraging style has helped my writing immensely. And as a writer herself, Sam understands and respects the attachment a writer has to his or her words. Jack Mulcahy, Author

Working with Sam H Arnold has landed me in what feels like a real friendship with Sam. Never have I known someone so selfless who goes out of her way to help people succeed. Sam does everything with her whole being, the advice she gives comes with a heart and a ribbon. She’s got a keen eye, a firm grip on the English language, and she doesn’t sugar coat things. She’s as real as a miracle. As a testament to her professionalism let me tell you of an endearing experience I cherish. I enjoy the writing process but I had never dared to venture outside my comfort zone. But then one day I asked Sam to look something over for me. It had a strong voice and I wasn’t very comfortable with it. So the next day I thought of rescinding and killing the article. “Don’t change a thing,” she told me. I didn’t. Today, that article is my highest grossing article ever. Thank you, Sam, for being my miracle. Here’s looking to many more life lessons. Satisfied Patreon Member, Selma Martin